Innovation Economy Private Credit

Private Credit in the US is a well established, dynamic asset class offering numerous discrete lending opportunities with interest rates substantially higher than equivalent public credit.

Many technologies from the innovation economy focus on environmental improvement and promoting broader ESG change.

Lending to these fast growing private businesses in the innovation economy actively promotes this transition to a better future, one that is more sustainable and fair.

Innovation economy businesses capable of moving the needle towards net zero and significantly improving the GHG equation often have their roots in biotechnology, software and engineering where examples would include bio-reactors, green ammonia, green cement, smart grid software and propulsion engineering.

Our 3 primary criteria are to: lend to fundamentally sound borrowers, at attractive interest rates, in jurisdictions recognised for their reliable legal framework.

We see obvious mispricing in US venture debt provided by specialist lenders to creditworthy late-stage technology businesses at highly attractive interest rates with free equity warrants attached.
To exploit this opportunity and to promote the goals of ESG through tech lending we have created a Luxembourg domiciled fund for European institutional investors.