About Us

Manager Selection

Our process benefits from more than 20 years of manager selection experience to find the great funds of tomorrow. There is no substitute for this experience.

Our thematic approach means we need to pick managers who fit our themes. So, an assessment of thematic suitability is the first step in our investment process. We look for strong risk management and drawdown control as well as proprietary investment systems, liquidity and transparency. We carry out extensive due diligence, covering the investment and operational aspects of a manager.

Since our early days in the 1990s, we have always had a preference to invest in smaller, younger managers. In our long experience, we have always found that this part of the fund universe offers better performance, better transparency, and better fees. We have developed a specialist expertise in smaller managers, which we share with our clients on both a discretionary and advisory basis.

Thematic Suitability

Manager evaluation
Fund analysis

Quantitative Analysis

Peer group assessment
Portfolio assessment
Alpha identification

Due Diligence

Investment due diligence
Operational due diligence

Risk Management

Limits and guidelines
Exposure monitoring and stress testing
Risk management overlay
Fraud detection